Lana Black Alpine Association

Qui la meta è il sapere!

Lana Black Alpine Association (LBAA) is an international humanitarian and non-profit association that was founded on September 1st, 2022, in Geneva, Switzerland. The central mission is to organize and promote economic aid and development to the countries where the highest peaks in the world are located. LBAA core objectives: schooling, education, dissemination of knowledge and sustaining modern life in high mountain are strongly connected. LBAA will support projects that build and develop schools, enhances local cultures and traditions, build basic primary health care installations, as well as basic transportation and drinking water networks. The development of knowledge is maximized when enhanced with the cultures, religions and lifestyles of the individual countries, territories and geographical areas in which LBAA will operate in. The aim is to provide to all its potential recipients the necessary educational tools, critical skills, and fundamental elements to operate in a borderless modern world.